Convenience features such as easy opening; single handed use; and reclosability are major considerations to exceed consumer satisfaction and repeat purchase.

Stratex have in-depth knowledge and solutions to help you customise your package to make it more convenient for your customer.

Easy Opening

Stratex offer a range of materials that allow packages to open easy. Engineered polymers and material selection are key considerations when developing the right solution. The majority of recommendations that Stratex offer are proven materials and products.


The advent of reclosable packaging and recent evolutions are remarkable. Stratex has partnered with a number of suppliers and offer a range of excellent technical solutions for reclosing your package.

Single-hand use

Single hand use and opening is a hot new area of innovation. Stratex have developed international partners in this segment. Applications for single-handed use range from care products through promotion and single use items.

Extended shelf life

Stratex understand maintaining freshness and product quality is at the heart of food manufacturing. Stratex offer a wide range of solutions to help you maximise the shelf life of your product.

Aluminum Foil

Foil is the ultimate barrier and Stratex is one of the largest users of foil for flexible packaging materials in the region. The unique properties of foil range from its ability to prevent moisture, oxygen and light from entering a package. Incorporating foil into the construction of a package is an area of expertise that has been developed over many decades.

High Barrier film solutions

The desire to present and view a food item whilst concurrently extending the shelf life is an objective many companies wish to achieve. Stratex offer a range of “off the shelf” and “customised” solutions. Windows in high barrier materials and transparent materials with moisture and gas barriers similar to foil are available to customers.

Processing efficiency

Pack leakers and slow line speeds are challenges that can impact production efficiency. Stratex use a structured approach to improve customer processing efficiencies. This incorporates lean manufacturing techniques,along with sourcing materials from supply partners throughout the world. At Stratex we find that customisation is the key. The team at Stratex are able to share with you a large number of successful case studies, whereby customers have dramatically improved their line processing efficiency.

Operational Audit

Using our highly skilled people and our technical knowledge of materials and polymers, Stratex can work with you to increase your speeds and reduce your leakers. To achieve best results, our technical people will work with you to review both your process and packaging. This in turn allows us to recommend and quantify a range of solutions to you.

Delivering Outcomes

Stratex work in a structured process driven manner that delivers outcomes. Our processes and procedures have been developed over many years. Specifically, our New Product Development Process (NPD) has a proven record of delivering innovation and cost reduction.


At Stratex we define reliability as producing the result you want, time after time. “Keep the line running” is something we often hear from our customers. Its something Stratex has a deep appreciation and a great deal of experience in achieving. We invest in modern technology to ensure our process control is effective and repeatable.

A deep commitment to customised solutions, along with continually measuring DIFOTIS underpins the business. However, knowing what works and using science and perseverance to get things right is critical. Getting things right, means delivering the same quality product time after time.

Stratex has a long history of supporting and complying with customer demands. As a result, Stratex was an early adopter of ISO 9000 (first certified in the early 1980’s). More recently the business attained the demanding ISO 22000 accreditation, after previously being HACCP and AIB accredited.

At Stratex, we keep your production line running.

Shelf impact

Stratex work with you to make your product stand out in a crowded market.

High Quality Graphics

Stratex offer award winning print quality using state of the art print technology. Offering up to 10 colours, we are able to work with your designer to achieve premium print quality that helps your pack stand-out and sell. Stratex are the trusted custodian of a large number of brands, so we understand your need for excellent reproduction and to repeat this again and again. We understand that a slight blemish is not acceptable, because you are your brand.

Pack Presentation

Stratex understand the need for perfection and repeatability. We select optimal materials during the product development phase, in order to ensure the package maintains its stature and structure throughout the supply chain.

Market Research

Stratex research the latest technology and packaging trends to identify pack formats that appeal to specific demographic and psychographic profiles. Examples of consumer research relevant to pack format include:

  • Consumers that fit certain demographic criteria will make purchase decisions based on the level of package gloss
  • Trends towards easy opening packages
  • Material odour influencing purchase decisions
  • Value perceptions of reclosable packages vs. non-reclosable packages.


Stratex offer a range of sustainable packaging solutions for food products. These products have been researched and developed to ensure that they meet relevant consumer and commercial claims.

Stratex believe the primary goal of a sustainable package is to ensure it meets a standard that allows for home composting or, alternatively, if local infrastructure exists that material should be commercially recycled (for example, municipal paper collections where paper is recycled in hydro-pulpers).

As well as being certified for their biodegradability, Stratex use bio polymers that have international certification for direct food contact.

Stratex specialises in two biodegradable product segments :

  • Paper based wraps that offer grease resistance and are fully recyclable and degradable Vertical and horizontal form fill seal materials (also know as flow wrap and rewind) that are designed to be fully recyclable or biodegradable

Stratex recommend and offer detailed product analysis before claims of biodegradability are made.

Stratex expertise with paper – one of the worlds oldest flexible packaging formats – allows for the development of useful solutions to address one of the worlds largest modern-day challenges.  Read more in our sustainability section.