Packaging Types

Easy Peel Lidding

Self venting, anti-fog, and high clarity films are available. We offer high-resolution printing in up to 10 colors that’s scuff and scratch resistant.

Yoghurt lidding and body labels

The demands of manufacturing yoghurt require precise lid and label solutions. We’ve perfected our yoghurt lidding and labeling offerings over many years of supply, meaning you can enjoy complete confidence in your packaging.

Lidding for food trays and tubs

Our experience in tray and tub lidding spans many decades, and utilises a range of technologies. The business has a range of proven products and technologies for nearly every lidding requirement.

Lidding for ovenable foods

PC PEEL is a unique heat-sealable packaging film designed to meet the specific demands of the dynamic convenience food market. PC Peel film provides a strong peelable seal to APET (amorphous polyester), CPET (crystallised polyester), and PP (polypropylene) trays, which are used in hot environments. They’re also:

  • Dual ovenable – suitable for microwave or conventional oven up to 250°c.
  • Self venting – steam is released from the tray during heating without the film being punctured, ensuring quick and effective heating.
  • Printable – the film can be marked with high-quality graphics if desired.

Form fill seal/Rollstock

Stratex is a regional leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance roll stock, for both horizontal and vertical form fill seal applications.

We offer:

  • a wide range of materials to choose from.
  • solutions for high-speed/multi-head packing lines.
  • advanced polymer technology to improve seal performance.
  • high-resolution printing in up to 10 colors that is scuff and scratch resistant.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Ultra high-speed form fill seal applications, including accurate eyemark printing location for ultra high-speed lines.
  • Seal through contamination using advanced polymer technology that minimises leakers and maximises packing line efficiencies.
  • Extrusion laminates to improve packing line performance.
  • Barrier laminates to extend shelf life.

Laminated & Coated Papers

Stratex has a large amount of expertise in the area of coated and laminated papers. Working with our supply partners, we source packaging grade papers from around the world. The selection of the correct paper for food, medical and/or industrial application is a key benefit we offer to customers.

A large variety of papers are processed including:

  • Bleached krafts
  • Brown krafts
  • Linerboards
  • Cartonboards
  • Recycled lightweights
  • Claycoated krafts
  • Medical papers
  • Stratex is a leader in paper based packaging for food and industrial applications. In-house printing technology enables Stratex to be an international innovator in this area.

A variety of coatings and polymers are used for coating and laminating paper to extend the properties of the material.

Applications for such products are extremely varied and include:

  • Food packaging
  • Medical
  • Metal protection
  • Paper packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Corrugated boxes.

Large Format Pouches

With international partners in the USA and Asia, Stratex offer solutions for a variety of large format pre-made bags and pouches including pet food bags, animal feed bags, and bulk powder pouches.

Our large format pouches:

  • Are available in very large sizes and a wide range of materials
  • Are capable of holding over 25kg of your product
  • Utilise barrier materials to extend shelf life
  • Can be printed in high resolution in up to 10 colours (Flexo and Gravure) to stand out in the market

Portion Control Packaging

Packaging materials and formats to control small portion sizes require precise printing and/or material selection.

Stratex technical representatives are able to help you make the right decision to minimise cost and maximise efficiency whilst standing out in the market.

We offer portion control packaging for a wide range of applications in a variety of materials that:

  • can be designed for high speed sensitive applications.
  • have burst and puncture resistance options.
  • can be printed in high resolution, with scuff and scratch resistance, in up to 10 colors.

Specialty Wraps

Barrier wraps for dairy applications

Stratex are an Australasian leader in the supply of specialty cheese and butter wraps.

Utilising foil and paper, wraps are produced to suit the specific needs of dairy products and embossed to meet aesthetic and/or functional needs if required.

The wraps can also be pin-hole perforated or non-perforated to meet maturing requirements.

Our specialty dairy wraps are available in a wide range of materials and offer the following:

  • Excellent moisture, oxygen, light and flavour barriers to extend shelf life
  • Superior dead-fold characteristics for ease of packing and handling
  • Customised to individual specifications
  • Vibrant print in high resolution with scuff and scratch resistance in up to 10 colors