As a leading supplier of paper based flexible packaging materials to food producers in Australia and New Zealand, Stratex utilize a range of technologies to develop customised packaging solutions. As a trusted partner to a range of small and large companies, the business has manufacturing and warehouse facilities across New Zealand and Australia.

Stratex specialises in packaging materials for both high speed and precise packing lines. This encompasses products ranging from food sachets, wraps and lidding materials. Our expertise covers papers, polymers and printing with a strong focus on circular economy outcomes.

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Do you want your product to be more sustainable? Are you trying to make your packaging recyclable, or be part of the circular economy?



Do you want to run your packing line faster? Are you looking to reduce the number of pack leakers?


Shelf Impact

Is your company looking for shelf impact? Do you want to stand out in the crowded retail environment?



New Printing Press

Stratex is pleased to announce investment in another flexo printing press which will further support the company to meet the demands of its customers.

Cottonsoft Launch

In partnership with Stratex, Cottonsoft has launched paper based recyclable toilet tissue packaging for its Earthsmart range.

Stratex APCO Action Plan

APCO 2022 Report & Action Plan APCO 2023 Report & Action Plan