Stratex in brief

A winner of awards for the development of unique products, Stratex has over 50 years of delivering innovative solutions and products to our customers.

More than 50 years experience

Supply to New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia

Over 100 million sqm material produced annually

Supporting over 50 different brands and 500 skus

1 production site and 5 warehouses

Over 100 staff and contractors

Comply with regional and global standards

A strong focus on the circular economy

Stratex History

Stratex was established over 50 years ago and has grown to become a regional leader in the manufacture and supply of packaging materials. Click on the tabs below to view the Stratex timeline.


Established by NZ Forest Products to coat paper for milk powder bags


Expanded onto larger site in Auckland


Commissioned first Tandem Extrusion coating line in ANZ


Acquired by multinational BTR-Nylex


Established supply of Newsprint wrapper across ANZ


Privatised & established Stratex Australia


Further investment in Australian capacity with 8 colour press


Acquired Transparent Technologies and relocated assets


Upgraded light weight film extrusion technology (NZ)


New wide width 10 colour flexographic print capcity (NZ)


Partnerships established in NZ Dairy segment


Partnerships established in snack food segment


Multiple gold Print awards for print excellence


New wide width high speed 8 colour print capacity

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Stratex Today

Today, Stratex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging for food and consumer applications.  After 50 years of operation, the company has built substantial technical skills; manufacturing capabilities; and comprehension of consumer trends, in order to develop and  deliver superior products and service to customers.

Stratex primarily supplies clients located in Australia and New Zealand via its regional offices located in Sydney and Auckland.  Stratex’s main manufacturing facility is located in Auckland New Zealand where state-of-the-art technology and equipment is located.  The business sources input materials from around the world.

Stratex’s product range includes flexible packaging materials supplied to customers to package a variety of products ranging from snack foods, coffee, powdered soups, butter, cheese and toilet tissue. 

Stratex customers range from large corporations to small food companies.  As a trusted partner, Stratex meets the very high standards that its customers expect when re-producing their brands.  

The company has a strong focus on the use of paper to achieve circular economy outcomes and has been awarded industry acknowledgements for quality and innovation.  Stratex is independently audited to comply with various food safety, ESG and quality benchmarks.

Values and Focus

Stratex core values have evolved over time and are built on three pillars – Improvement, Detail, and Teamwork. These values are epitomised in the Stratex tagline of Packaging you trust and Customisation you need


Stratex seek to do things better.  This focus of continual improvement aligns with customers’ desire to have a supplier that focuses on solving problems and quickly creating solutions. 

The need to continually improve all aspects of Stratex is a theme that all employees are encouraged to undertake.  For example, Stratex packaging experts are highly qualified with many years of experience in the areas of food packing systems and packaging materials.  These experts work with customers to develop packaging solutions and help improve product performance.  Stratex also understands supply chains and consumer demands are complex and often require supply chain alignment to ensure outcomes are delivered and actions implemented.


Stratex understands that getting the detail right is a critical component in order for a company to effectively operate. As the trusted custodian of local and international brands, Stratex has a reputation for delivering outstanding quality; operating with integrity; and meeting high standards. 

Stratex understands that its customers rely on Stratex to act with integrity across its business when dealing with suppliers, working with employees and down through the supply chain.

To ensure that Stratex aligns itself with customer ESG expectations, it is regularly audited by independent third parties.  This includes global best practice compliance, such as Sedex. Stratex’s Sedex approval highlights the company’s practices meet global benchmarks for safety, sustainability and social equality.


The final foundation of Stratex core values is the desire to succeed as a team.

This collective ambition is more than just a guiding principle; it is central to our organisation. It shapes our daily interactions, informs our decision-making processes, and propels us towards our goals. At Stratex, we believe that true success is achieved not through individual accolades but through the collaborative efforts of a cohesive team.

Our team-centric approach seeks to foster an environment where every member feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their unique strengths. We recognise that by working together, we can overcome challenges, innovate continuously, and deliver exceptional results for our clients. This commitment to team success creates a workplace where collaboration and mutual respect thrive, driving both personal and organisational growth.

The desire to succeed as a team is evident in everything we do at Stratex. From our project planning sessions to our celebratory milestones, we prioritize the collective achievements of our team. This ethos not only enhances our productivity and efficiency but also cultivates a sense of belonging and shared purpose among our employees.

Stratex values and focus are illustrated by its various accreditations, including:

FSC 22000 – Global food safety and compliance

Sedex – Global ESG benchmarking and compliance

ISO 9000 – For continuous improvement and procedural compliance

APCO – For regional improvement and compliance

Packaging Forum – Member

NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme – Member