We are a key global player in sustainable food-on-the-go and food-on-the-shelf packaging solutions. Our innovative food packaging products help billions of consumers worldwide make responsible lifestyle choices every day.

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Recyclable Paper Solutions

Stratex is a regional leader in the development and supply of recyclable papers.  In order for brand owners to make recyclability claims, products are designed to meet regional recycling standards (e.g. APCO). 

For most developments, papers are also tested to ensure they can be commercially hydro-pulped.  Stratex has worked with customers to commercialise a variety of recyclable papers for food and fast moving goods applications. Paper can be supplied unprinted or printed, bleached or kraft. 

Stratex also offers proprietary solutions to meet various oxygen and moisture barrier requirements.


Biodegradable Paper Solutions

Stratex, with its partners, have developed world leading biodegradable paper solutions. 

Heat sealable without the use of plastics, or oil based polymers, Stratex solutions are world leading.  Perfecting biodegradable heat sealable paper, for food and consumer applications, represent a significant breakthrough and open superior environmental pathways for customers. 

Stratex paper solutions in this segment are also able to be recycled through traditional kerbside paper recycling infrastructure.


Recyclable Film Solutions

Stratex offers high and low barrier polymer film solutions.  Specialising in mono and duplex structures, Stratex packaging films are designed to meet European Circular Economy Flexible packaging (Ceflex) recycling standards.

This ensures that products are aligned with both the New Zealand soft plastics recycling scheme and the Australian Red Cycle scheme. 

Stratex utilises extrusion lamination technology, often viewed as a superior technology when compared to adhesive laminating, due to less contaminants in the packaging material and the achievement of a superior hermetic seal.

Twist Wrap

Non-wax Twist Wrap

Stratex has deep experience in the area of both twist and folded paper confectionery wraps. Easy release from the confectionary product, along with seamless processing on the packing line are key attributes of Stratex twist wrap solutions. Printed and supplied to very tight dimensional tolerances, Stratex is able to meet the high demands of twist wrap processing lines.

Seal Through

Seal Through Contamination

Stratex is a leader in the area of seal through contamination and/or difficult to seal products.  Utilising speciality polymers and precise seal layers, Stratex knowledge and experience ensures customers are able to confidently seal through a variety of difficult products.  This may include, for example, powders, oils, or alcohols.

Low Carbon
Film Laminates

Recyclable Film Solutions

Stratex are world leaders in the manufacture of low carbon film packaging solutions.  In combination with renewable energy, modern waste saving equipment and unique ink technology, Stratex is able to offer very low carbon solutions for both paper and traditional packaging films.  Low carbon solutions are able to be measured and independently verified.

Easy Tear

Easy Tear

Experience convenience like never before with Stratex’s Easy Tear Packaging. We understand the importance of a hassle-free opening experience for consumers. Our innovative packaging solution combines durability with user-friendly design, ensuring that your customers can effortlessly access your products without the frustration of struggling with packaging. The tear-resistant technology guarantees a clean and easy opening every time, adding an extra layer of convenience to your offerings.