Stratex are experts in cereal packaging. We offer the following solutions that perform on the packing line and stand out on the shelf:

  • Form fill seal roll stock with stand out graphics
  • Carton liner/unprinted form fill roll stock
  • Film or paper based substrates
  • Customised seal layers to maximise form fill seal output
  • Multi-layer substrates to address variable package demands
  • Materials designed for high speed, multi-head packing lines

Stratex products are proven for a range of cereal products, including both sharp and light weight free flow cereals


Stratex have a wide variety of products and solutions for confectionery applications.

Twist wrap for hard and soft lollies

Stratex offer a number of unique solutions for twist wrap, including wax alternatives. Using state of the art print and coating technology, we are able deliver traditional twist wrap solutions and new innovative solutions to address modern needs.

Wraps for hard-boiled products

Parchment paper and release coatings can also be supplied to meet you needs when wrapping individual units.

Outer pack form-fill-seal

Stratex offer award winning print and engineered polymers as solutions for your outer pack needs. Our expertise in paper, also provides unique solutions that help you stand out in a crowded market.


New Zealand and Australia are large dairy producers, consumers, and exporters. As a result, Stratex has developed technology, skills and expertise in four key dairy packaging segments:

Lidding and body labels for Yoghurt

High quality print and easy peel lid removal is a powerful combination for yoghurt packaging. Stratex has developed and perfected its lidding and body label range over a number of years, ensuring its yoghurt packaging performs in the packing environment and also at point of consumption.

Wraps for butter

Stratex offer a range of butter wraps that can be supplied embossed or smooth. Gravure reproduction of graphics is the traditional printing method, however, this process has been limited due to the serrated nature of gravure print impacting text legibility. Stratex has become a leader in the use of high definition (HD) flexographic print technology for butter wraps, achieving precise reproduction of very fine text (including Arabic and Chinese calligraphy).

Wraps for white cheese

Stratex are the Australasian leaders in supply of specialty cheese wraps. Perfique cheese wraps are produced to suit New Zealand and Australian local white mould and blue cheeses. Wraps can be pin hole perforated to achieve specific maturing requirements.

Perfique Cheese Wraps offer maximum shelf impact and can be printed up to 10 colours with award winning graphics.

Lidding for portion control packs

Stratex expertise in peelable lidding encompasses small portion control packs (PCU). PCU lidding material can be printed up to 10 colours to achieve high quality graphic reproduction.

Dry/Powdered Foods

Seal through contamination and laminates for high speed packing lines are key areas of Stratex expertise.

Our products are proven on a variety of high speed machines (including Cloud and Jones lines). Using engineered polymers to minimise leakers, Stratex are able to customise materials to suit your applications.

We offer:

  • Powdered soup roll stock
  • Solutions for high speed multi-head packaging lines
  • Roll stock for vertical form fill seal lines
  • Solutions for seal through contamination
  • Large format pouches for powdered foods

Snack foods

Snack foods is a tremendously innovative segment, where companies are continually looking for unique solutions and stand out products. At Stratex we work with both extrusion and adhesive lamination technologies – both proven – for snack food applications. Extrusion laminations provide a superior seal and barrier to extend the shelf life of your products. We also offer our award winning expertise in creating new products.

Stratex offers award winning printing with up to 10 colours using state of art flexographic print technology.

We offer biodegradable and recyclable solutions for a range of snack food applications.

Stratex understand your need to be different, stand-out and to create a unique consumer experience.

Non-food Packaging

Paper based packaging for non food applications is a key area of expertise for Stratex. We offer a full range of solutions for non-food packaging applications including:

  • Ream wrap for copy paper
  • Wrapper for newsprint and large rolls
  • Packaging for toilet tissue
  • Packaging for medical applications

Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings Stratex offer specialty coating solutions to packaging manufacturers, including:

  • Emulsion coated papers for carton and corrugated and carton applications
  • Polymer coated papers and laminates for label applications
  • Polymer coated papers and laminates for corrugated and carton applications
  • Polymer coated papers and laminates for paper bag and sack applications
  • Stratex coatings can be formulated to be recycled and accepted by paper recyclers.