About us


Stratex was founded in 1968 as a business unit within New Zealand Forest Products (NZFP). During the twentieth century NZFP was one of the region’s largest industrial companies. The original Stratex business was part of the supply chain to manufacture paper sacks for milk powder, whereby paper was sourced from a sister company, processed by Stratex and then passed to another sister company to make paper sacks.

In the late 1980s, various business units, including Stratex, were spun out of NZFP and merged into BTR Nylex, a British based multinational. Stratex remained in BTR ownership until 1998 when it was privatised by a group of New Zealanders.

Since its formation, Stratex has grown to supply a range of products and customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. The business currently operates from Auckland (New Zealand) and Sydney (Australia), along with six warehouse locations scattered throughout the region. The company is led by a dedicated group of experienced industry experts.

Consistent with its formation in the 1960s, the core focus of Stratex remains the manufacture and supply of recyclable packaging materials, primarily to package consumer goods. Many of the products Stratex manufacture are paper based.
Stratex has a range of state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to support its customers. The business has a reputation for delivering innovative solutions across various food and industrial segments. As a credible supplier to some of the region’s leading food companies, Stratex is recognised as a trusted partner.


Innovation is a cornerstone of Stratex. At Stratex we understand that meeting customer
expectations requires a focus on solving problems and quickly creating solutions.

Stratex has a dedicated team of packaging experts that work with customers to develop packaging solutions. Stratex packaging experts are highly qualified with many years of experience in the areas of food packing systems and packaging materials.

Stratex solutions and innovations range from the optimisation of packaging materials, to achieve improved performance on the packing line, through to the complete overhaul of packaging formats. A change in pack format is often driven by the customers desire to make the packaging material meet a regional or global recyclable standard. Stratex has in-depth and detailed understanding of regional and global packaging standards. As a member of regional forums and organisations, Stratex is able to guide customers through the various requirements of relevant standards.

Stratex offer customers access to a range of global partners that specialise in the area recyclability and bio-polymers. Most of these arrangements are formal, allowing Stratex access proprietary technology.

Stratex solutions lead to success for our customers. These include awards to recognise the achievements made by new pack formats; cost savings from material changes; and increased sales from a change in packaging format.

Trust & Credibility

Stratex has been a significant supplier to a broad range of large and small companies across Australia and New Zealand for a number of decades. During this time Stratex has evolved with its customers to ensure that their demands are aligned with Stratex capability. This alignment has been achieved via continual investment in manufacturing capability; the implementation of procedural systems; and compliance with various local and global regulations.

Many elements of Stratex business are independently audited to ensure compliance with various international standards. This includes FSSC 22000 certification, the global standard for supply of food packaging that most leading food processors expect their suppliers meet.

As the trusted custodian of local and international brands, Stratex has a reputation for delivering outstanding print quality. Stratex understands that marketing teams have high expectations that must be met in order for their brands to meet consumer expectations. Stratex use modern print technology and systems to meet these expectations. Stratex customers have confidence that designs supplied for reproduction will be reproduced to exacting standards.

As an expert in its area of packaging; utilising modern technology; and audited against international standards, Stratex is a highly trustworthy and credible supplier to leading regional companies.