Stratex strives to ensure your brand stands out in the market. With a range of product markets, the diverse needs of the food and consumer goods industry are a key area of focus. Click on the product market categories below to view more. 


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Soups and Sauces


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Innovative Solutions

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, Stratex has dedicated regional teams focused on developing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that cater to the diverse needs of consumer goods. Click on our product solutions below to view more. 

Recyclable Paper Solutions

Biodegradable Paper Solutions

Low Carbon Film Laminates

Easy Tear

Recyclable Film Solutions

Non-Wax Twist Wrap

Seal Through Contamination

Stratex Latest Updates 

New Printing Press

We are pleased to announce investment in another flexo printing press, further supporting the company in meeting customer expectations. 

Cottonsoft Launch

In partnership with Stratex, Cottonsoft has launched paper-based recyclable toilet tissue packaging for its Earthsmart range.

Stratex APCO Action Plan

APCO 2022 Report & Action Plan
APCO 2023 Report & Action Plan