Bio polymers

Stratex offer a range of bio polymer solutions. Bio polymers can be used in conjunction with paper or on their own. All materials can be printed.

The primary goal of using bio polymers is to manufacture a package than can be composted at home or via commercially composting facility.

As well as being certified for their biodegradability, Stratex use bio polymers that have international certification for direct food contact.

The advantages of biopolymers inlcude:

  • Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint
  • Conventional plastics are often seen as environmentally unfriendly
  • Sustainable plastics can provide an image or brand advantage

Primary products offered:

  • Vertical and Horizontal form fill seal rolls (also know as flow and and rewind)
  • Paper based wraps that offer grease resistance and are fully recyclable and degradable

Stratex recommend and offer detailed product analysis before claims of biodegradability are made.

Recyclable Solutions

Stratex is a strong advocate of recycling packaging materials through established infrastructure. The use of paper with a recyclable coating allows paper to be used as an alternative to plastics. As a member of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme, Stratex also offers a range of plastics products that are designed to be recycled. The energy and economic loss from disposing packaging in landfills is viewed as being an inferior solution when compared to recycling, re-using packaging or composting. Stratex advocates for, and designs, packaging products that meet the technical demands of food and industrial companies whilst also being recyclable. This incudes high barrier or extended shelf life solutions.

Feed the world

Packaging to reduce waste and feed the world is growing initiative aimed at educating consumers and companies on how packaging is a solution to modern day food waste and scarcity issues.

Food waste or food loss is food material that is discarded or unable to be used. Various political organisations and entities have their own definition of what constitutes food waste. The causes of wasted food are numerous, and occur at the stages of production, processing, retailing and consumption.

One third of edible food produced for human consumption is wasted, according to the UN Food and Agriculture organisation.

Food packaging extends the product’s life, protects the product from physical damage and keeps out bacteria. It can also provide information on storage. As such, packaging is part of the solution to combat food waste. It prevents food from being damaged or spoiled throughout the supply chain.

Stratex is a supporter and advocator of effective packaging systems to enable efficient distribution while making sure the products they protect stay fresh longer. This results in the extension of the products shelf-life. High performance packaging solutions and technologies can preserve food safety by minimising sources of contamination and reduce food waste from spoilage. Innovative packaging designs can help consumers buy and use food in portions that match their needs and reduce food waste from leftovers.